Sam Granger

Welcome to my Site

My name is Sam Granger. I'm a web developer and artist with a knack for making insights happen. In the past I've worked as an editor, teacher, marketer, illustrator, and documentary filmwriter. Now, I'm busy being a code architect, creating spaces on the web for information and interaction. When I'm not working or thinking (or thinking about thinking), I'm usually playing guitar, learning a new language, or being spending my time in the woods and waters of my home state of Michigan.

I'm always looking for new problems to solve, new projects to take on, and new people to meet. So take a look around and feel free to drop me a line.

How I Work

I've always been a jack of all trades and master of some.

Whether coding a website, editing a book, or getting the right look in a photoshoot, in the end I'm all about beautiful solutions. Problem solving is my creative process.

Here's a handful of images that help you see how I often look at the world. If you'd like to see a portfolio or case study, get a hold of me anytime.

What I've Done

I've done a lot of different things besides coding: teaching, editing, coffee, illustrating, sales, marketing, documentary film work...
If you want some more details on the backstory, here you can download my resume.
Additionally, if you have some more time on your hands, check out the links to talks I've given, projects I've worked on, and pieces I've written.

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